Communication is very important to your member… the Member Roster gives the member the option of connecting with people at the club, making it easy for them to arrange opponents for their court bookings and connecting with new members at the club.

The Member Roster search displays the information your member wishes to display and allows members to contact others through Giga HIDEMAIL

Giga HideMail is our proprietary mail system that allows members to e-mail each other yet to maintain their own privacy.
To protect the privacy of the Addressee, e-mails are specially formed. They are addressed to, the Addressee is blind copied but the Sender’s e-mail address is sent to the Addressee, thereby enabling direct communication between the Sender and the Addressee. This system ensures that you cannot get at the Addressee’s e-mail address by sending a copy to yourself and it also enables us to follow up on abuse of the system.

Members also have the option of using our GigaMail to create groups of members to email. Each member is entitled to have 3 groups and 10 members in each group, they can save drafts of previous emails… making it easy to arrange their Box or House League games….