Finally … unique, innovative online software that is designed around players and administrators!


  • Play in a box ladder, challenge ladder or a double-jump ladder online!
  • Track your progress on points-based rankings lists!
  • Have other club members contact you privately and securely!
  • Input your scorecard either game by game or match result!
  • Analyse your detailed match history against opponents!
  • Keep private notes on your opponents strategy and yours!
  • Review current Box standings online!
  • Research new opponents!
  • Review Challenge players that are in your strike range!
  • Book your courts online!

Administrators (GameMasters)

  • Administer all ladders online!Takes 15 minutes a month to do a box ladder with 100 players!
  • Very low maintenance ladders!
  • Most flexible point and bonus point system on the net!
  • Weird rules? We’ve seen them all and can probably handle yours!
  • Get players to input the scores online and you do even less!
  • Update your Newsletters.
  • Allow players to sign up themselves
  • The hard part is figuring out where to start new players … the rest is easy!