The Member Statements module allows members to view their statements online. We integrate with major club software vendors and extract member statements from your software.

We confirm balances with your accounting staff and then the data is then presented to members once they have logged in to the hosted “Members Only” section of your website.

You may need to purchase a module from your software vendor. Data extracts must be in industry standard format.

We have developed an interface to access your member data if you use Jonas.

Features and Benefits

  • History – we keep a rolling six months of statement data on line. More can be purchased as an option.
  • Chits – detailed Point of sale chits are presented
  • Cost Savings – save on paper, envelopes, postage, printing and labour. Cost savings can amount to thousands of $$$!!
  • Convenience – members view their statements online
  • Excel interface – members can print their statements from their browser or they can export the statement to Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet format.
  • Speed – we generally present statements online within 24 hours of receiving the data files and accounting department clearance.

Membership Synchronization

We offer monthly, weekly, or daily synchronizations of your Jonas membership list. You send us the file, and we make sure everything is talking nicely.