With our proprietary email system you can email thousands of your members at once!

Emails are personalized so members don’t feel like they’re just on another mailing list.

Email lists are automatically created based on your membership list. So for instance you can email all of your PT instructors, your squash members, or all members are your club. Customized groups can also be made with unlimited control.

Analytics and reporting on your email success rates (how many members opened your message, or how many emails bounced) to give you a better idea of how your email marketing.

Email templates mean you don’t have to rewrite messages each time and you can have colourful, exciting banners saved to be used at a moments notice! Some of our clubs are very creative with their templates, but if you feel like you need some help, just give us a call and we can contract one of our designers to make you look professional!


HideMail is our system that allows members, instructors, and staff to e-mail each other yet to maintain their own privacy. No more email abuse, and more privacy to boot!


Our servers will automatically send out email confirmations for bookings, class signups, cancellations, and changes. Members are always in the loop.