GigaSports is designed to be used by health and fitness clubs, racquet and country clubs.

Implementing our products results in major cost savings to the club. As members are booking the courts themselves, there is a huge saving on answering calls at the front desk or reception. Staff will have more time to attend to other customer service issues.


Shared sites
If you would like to keep your public (brochure-like) website then we seamlessly integrate the secure, private “Members Only” section into your club’s web site. Members generally don’t notice when they’re passed to (or returned from) our servers.

Integrated sites

Some clubs prefer us to host your public (brochure-like) website and provide you with sophisticated Content Management on both the public and private sides.

We offer a completely member focused product designed to give your members a professional online experience. Designed for members to book their courts, sign up for classes, enter their game scores, keep a detailed history of all their matches, view their statements … what more could a member want?

There is no software to install, no hardware to maintain – everything is done on our servers.