Mobile friendly updates

We are pleased to announce the release of new menus for members that are more mobile (especially Blackberry) friendly.  General menu navigation has not changed but the menu displayed changes depending on your screen size.

On a standard desktop, the menu continues to look like this:

The same menu looks like this on a blackberry:

and when you click on the menu, you get a pop-up that looks like this:

click on your menu item and the sheet reloads.

Let us know what you think.


Timeout increased!

Due to popular demand we have increased the timeout value from 20 minutes to 1 hour. This means that your Gigasports session will end after 1 hour of inactivity.

We are working on further enhancing this feature… watch this space!


Class signup improvements

Class signups have been improved significantly this week. You may have seen the changes as early as Sunday evening. Among the improvements are:

New grid and list views for all clubs with classes

The grid view is our standard view for classes and is based on a week-view calendar. Typically you can see up to 7 days in advance and view all the classes at a glance. Hover over a class and a tooltip will give you a description of that class.

List view allows you to scroll down and view the classes as a list. This is great for members who want to see the full descriptions for all classes without having to hover over each class.



Outlook 2007 Calendar Sync

Syncing your Gigasports bookings to Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a snap! You can find a special link under My Bookings on your booking sheet. The sync also works with Microsoft Outlook 2010 as well.



Blackberry – login and sign up for classes

As a follow up to our mobile post on iPhones from a few weeks back, we are now demonstrating how to log on to gigasports and book a class using a Blackberry Storm (9700) running the version 6 operating system. This demo was done using the standard, installed RIM browser.



Member roster updated

The Member Roster (search) page has been updated with a new, slick search box. The page has also been updated and refers to the newly released member Email Groups.


Email Groups for members

Member Email Groups allow members to easily send the same e-mail to a number of other members. It allows members to create and maintain personal groups of members and mail them all at once. Members can also see which groups they are on, remove themselves from groups and even block a member from adding them to a group again.

Members can access Email Groups through the Member Roster or a club can add it to their menu system. Let know if you want to add Email Groups to the club menu system.


Sync Bookings with Outlook 2010

One of our most requested features was syncing of bookings to other calendars and today we are happy to announce that Gigasports users can now seemlessly sync with Outlook 2010! When you make a booking it will automatically appear in your Outlook 2010 Calendar – you don’t need to do anything except set it up once…

You will find a special link in the “My Bookings” list on your booking sheet. The sync should work with any calendar that accepts iCalendar feeds, however this post only addresses Microsoft Outlook 2010.



Mobile – iPhones and iPads

Members are increasingly using mobile devices to access GigaSports. We have tested the following devices from the member point of view but because there are always options and settings that can be changed, we welcome any feedback: (more…)