Box Ladders: Calculate the Working Pool

We have consolidated the steps it took to calculate the working pool into one step. When you click on the button, the server goes away and calculates it and will take you straight through to the Working Pool. Please be patient, it’s a heavy workload.



Tournaments – automatic consolation competition!

Consolation draw

When a player loses in round 1, the tournament rules often place the player into a consolation (or plate) draw. GigaTournaments now does this for you automatically!

When creating up your draws, connect a plate draw to your main draw and then 1st round losers will automatically be fed to the plate competition.


New browser week!

This week saw the release of Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4. We recommend both over their respective predecessors and have certified GigaSports on both browsers. Let us know if you have any issues.

We support the latest versions of the following browsers:

browser logos


Club Manager status

Every club should have at least one person with Club Manager status.

A Club Manager can do everything that a Front Desk user can do as well as:

  1. Control Front Desk rights i.e. upgrade members to Front Desk staff or demote Front Desk staff to members.
  2. Permanently remove the club from the member’s profile. If the member has no other clubs in their profile, the member is permanently deleted from GigaSports.

Please let us know if you have no-one at your club with Club Manager status. Your Club Manager is listed under the Members tab in the Front Desk menu.


Mobile – iPhones and iPads

Members are increasingly using mobile devices to access GigaSports. We have tested the following devices from the member point of view but because there are always options and settings that can be changed, we welcome any feedback: (more…)