More advanced search options!

It’s been a while since we posted some news, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! Lots of things get released on a weekly basis but we don’t often find the time to toot our own horn. This news should make club administrators happy with more sophisticated membership management searches. You can access the Membership Control List from the Members menu (note: you must be a club administrator).


Over the weekend we added the ability to search based on email address. This complements some recent additions of birthday and gender. All of these search filters are combineable so you can for example get all Tennis Junior members who have a birthday between 1992 and 1995 and have an account. Very powerful!

We also have provided additional fields in the table to actually show you that data. Now you can display, and sort data based on birthday, gender, last booking date, and last login date. These last two fields will be a boon for administrators who are looking for a way to find out which members have been inactive for long periods of time. Keep in mind – this data is subject to our data retention policy (we only guarantee 2 years worth of historical booking data). You can also download the data in comma-delimited format for use in your favourite spreadsheet application. This will give you even more filtering and searching power.


We hope you find these new searches interesting and useful!


Class signup improvements

Class signups have been improved significantly this week. You may have seen the changes as early as Sunday evening. Among the improvements are:

New grid and list views for all clubs with classes

The grid view is our standard view for classes and is based on a week-view calendar. Typically you can see up to 7 days in advance and view all the classes at a glance. Hover over a class and a tooltip will give you a description of that class.

List view allows you to scroll down and view the classes as a list. This is great for members who want to see the full descriptions for all classes without having to hover over each class.



Vote: Pick your favourite staff colour scheme!

While in the progress of doing some pretty major changes to our booking system we felt that a more modern aesthetic design would be in order. Some of these changes are already visible now, but we need your help with some of the touch-ups! Here are 4 alternatives we are considering. The navy blue is already in place, but we’re considering a change – what do you think? Click the images to enlarge and vote down below, or leave us your comments!

Light Blue



Navy (current colour)

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Reports Improvements

Reports got a bit of a visual overhaul today with a better layout and more clearly explained reports that make it easy to get to the information that you need.



Outlook 2007 Calendar Sync

Syncing your Gigasports bookings to Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a snap! You can find a special link under My Bookings on your booking sheet. The sync also works with Microsoft Outlook 2010 as well.



New site launch!

As you may have noticed has been given a make-over! We’re very excited about the launch and the new style. The site loads faster, has more streamlined navigation, simplifies logging in, and most importantly – offers us the ability to keep in touch more than ever with our news blog. (you’re reading it right now!)



Sync Bookings with Outlook 2010

One of our most requested features was syncing of bookings to other calendars and today we are happy to announce that Gigasports users can now seemlessly sync with Outlook 2010! When you make a booking it will automatically appear in your Outlook 2010 Calendar – you don’t need to do anything except set it up once…

You will find a special link in the “My Bookings” list on your booking sheet. The sync should work with any calendar that accepts iCalendar feeds, however this post only addresses Microsoft Outlook 2010.



GigaMail – Email Marketing & Communications

GigaMail is a new product designed for membership marketing and communication. With it, you can simply and easily connect with thousands of your members. Other email marketing systems are expensive and disconnected from your membership. With GigaMail you can create custom groups of people you want to email, or use the automated lists to make mailing lists for you, for example Winter Tennis members. Check out our GigaMail video tutorial!




Club championships? Gigasports has released its new tournaments product just in time for the club champs season! Find the link to Tournaments under “Admin” in the menu.

The draws can contain 16, 32 or 64 players. Add players to each draw, seed them and … you’re done! If you’ve subscribed to GigaMail, you can email the players in any draw.

Set up your tournament and your draws yourself and we’ll add the links in the menu on the member view for free. Contact us at 1.866.909.0026 or email us at for more info!