Class signups have been improved significantly this week. You may have seen the changes as early as Sunday evening. Among the improvements are:

New grid and list views for all clubs with classes

The grid view is our standard view for classes and is based on a week-view calendar. Typically you can see up to 7 days in advance and view all the classes at a glance. Hover over a class and a tooltip will give you a description of that class.

List view allows you to scroll down and view the classes as a list. This is great for members who want to see the full descriptions for all classes without having to hover over each class.

You can switch between the different modes using the toggle at the top of the classes sheet. It looks like this:

Greatly enhanced speed when viewing  grid and list views

We know what makes members and clubs happy – speed! Utilizing several improvements to both the source code and the database, our team was able to decrease page load times and improve responsiveness when viewing either of the two types of views (grid or list). Go ahead and try it for yourself, but we’ve estimated a 400% performance gain in our internal testing!

Our improvements also identified several other avenues for speed improvements and we will be investigating and testing those in the coming weeks.

Quick signup and cancel

The look-and-feel of the signup and cancel buttons have been improved to be more in line with coming changes to the booking module (for court, massage, and therapy bookings). Both buttons now activate an improved “ajax” signup. This means that you don’t have to wait for the entire webpage to reload, getting you in and out of your classes faster!

Device support

As per our minimum requirements on the desktop we support Chrome 10+, Firefox 3.5+, Internet Explorer 7+, Opera 11.5, Safari 5.1. The new changes to the classes signups have been tested and work well on Blackberry and Android devices as well. To date we have not tested this module with the iPhone/iPad, but we would love to hear your experience in the comments below.

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