Reports got a bit of a visual overhaul today with a better layout and more clearly explained reports that make it easy to get to the information that you need.

We also added the Total Bookings Report. You can use this report to view your daily booking totals by booking sheet. So for example you can view what your booking totals are for “Squash” which encompasses a variety of courts. You can split data by whether it was booked by the Frontdesk staff, the member themselves, or entered as a free-text booking. The thing we really like about this chart is that it’s interactive – you can zoom in on the data to view exactly how many bookings where made on a particular date – or view the last few months at a more sweeping glance. Here’s an example of the data you can get:

This chart only works on bookings, so sheets that have classes, or programs will not display any data. You may also notice gaps in the data where a straight line is drawn between two days far apart – if you contact us we can try obtain data for these periods. Booking data can typically be obtained as far back as June 2010, but this varies by club.

We hope you find the new chart useful and we would appreciate any comments or suggestions!

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