One of our most requested features was syncing of bookings to other calendars and today we are happy to announce that Gigasports users can now seemlessly sync with Outlook 2010! When you make a booking it will automatically appear in your Outlook 2010 Calendar – you don’t need to do anything except set it up once…

You will find a special link in the “My Bookings” list on your booking sheet. The sync should work with any calendar that accepts iCalendar feeds, however this post only addresses Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Your “My Bookings” list should include a box similar to this one:

Microsoft Outlook 2010

  1. Click inside the text box and press Ctrl-C (or Cmd-C on Mac) to copy the entire text (remember to get it right to the last character as the whole link is important!)
  2. Open up Outlook. Select the “Calendar” button in the bottom left pane
  3. Next click on “Open Calendar” in the ribbon above and select the “From internet…” option
  4. In the popup that appears paste the link you copied from website (Ctrl-V or Cmd-V on Mac). Make sure the link includes “http://” at the beginning. Click OK.
  5. On the following popup check “Yes” that you want to subscribe to updates. This means that when Outlook restarts, or you check for new mail you will automatically check for updates to your Gigasports bookings! Alternatively if you just want to do a one-time import of your current bookings, click “No”.
  6. After a short connection and download of information you should see a new pane appear with your bookings. You should see something similar to what I have below (click the image to view a larger size). Note: If you do not have any bookings, you will receive an alert saying that this calendar does not have any events – but would you like to add it anyways. Click yes!
  7. Now if you click the little arrow icon circled in the image above you can switch into “Overlay” mode where your bookings are overlayed onto your original calendar. This is useful for checking for conflicts with meetings and other things on your schedule. Alternatively you can select “View” from the ribbon above, and select “Overlay” from the Arrangement panel. Your calendar should now look like this.
  8. [Optional] If you want to manually update and sync your calendar (without waiting for your email to sync) then click “Send/Receive” from the ribbon above and choose the option “Update Folder”

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Read about how to set this up with Outlook 2007.

Google Calendar

Unfortunately we have been unable to get the sync working with Google Calendar. This appears to be an issue with Google and not us. You can read more information about it here ( You can add the link via the following steps but you will most likely not have success.