GigaMail is a new product designed for membership marketing and communication. With it, you can simply and easily connect with thousands of your members. Other email marketing systems are expensive and disconnected from your membership. With GigaMail you can create custom groups of people you want to email, or use the automated lists to make mailing lists for you, for example Winter Tennis members. Check out our GigaMail video tutorial!

The basic premise behind GigaMail was to facilitate quick and easy communication from club management to the members. With this in mind we included features such as templates which allow you to easily draft up professional looking emails. Templates can be either corporate or personal templates. A corporate template can only be edited or updated by someone at the club with Club Manager status.

You can save a draft while you are working on an email and then come back to it later. No need to write up your email in Microsoft Word first! Although, if you do decide to do that – when you copy and paste your email body into the GigaMail editor, make sure you click this button: . It will format the text nicely from a Word document.

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